Michael J. Wren
I have a fairly unique set of experiences in my industry since I have worked my way up from the bottom. I started as a mail room clerk in 1990 for the brokerage firm Murphey Favre. After a year and half I had completed enough schooling to be moved up to corporate accounting. This position was in downtown Seattle and allowed me to continue my studies at the University of Washington at night. After another two years I became a Registered Representative. I left Murphey Favre in 1994 to work with an independent Broker/Dealer and have been independently managing client’s investments ever since.

Having 27 years in this industry and also starting in the mailroom has given me the chance to see my industry from the inner workings of a large firm, to the pendulum swings of greed and fear moving the markets, and to experience the consequence of the resulting emotional swings of my clients. Because of this perspective my practice concentrates on the ownership of common stock of well-run individual companies with very long track records and sometimes owning individual issues of bonds. I shun investment fads and usually do not use any of the typical investment products that my industry has created like annuities, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and unit investment trusts. My personal experience has shown me that good long-term performance comes from the long-term ownership of well managed companies. I also pay close attention to the price paid for such companies and try to get a better than average deal by looking for ones that are selling for lower than average price premiums found on the worlds stock exchanges.

I know full well that my clients place a great deal of trust in me and I realize that at many times during this relationship that they need emotional reassurance that their portfolio is on track to meet their long-term goals and needs. This final point might be the most important because over the years I have seen the easiest mistake for any investor to make is to base their investment decisions on fear and greed.
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