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Smart Investing is the radio show where Investment Professional Michael Wren
takes the topic of investment and makes it easier for you to understand.
We know what we're doing and know what you want to hear as we enter our
TENTH YEAR on the radio!
Join us at 8:00am - 9:00am on 590KQNT
What we do:
* Make the topic of Investing easy to understand.
* Give you good, relevant advice about Investing.
* Try to keep things on a level everyone can understand
* Try to make it entertaining.
We LOVE this!
A loyal listener heard us joking about being
able to throw a brick at your radio when we say
something the audience doesn't agree with, so
someone sent us this great
What we won't do:
* Argue heavily over political views and comments.
(You can hear that anywhere. Really. You can.)
* Give you the exact name of companies you should
invest in, so you could have the IQ of a snow pea and
be able to put your money in the Market with no
understanding or responsibility on our part.
* Mention how attractive we are.
We try to keep it light hearted and give you the basics on how to investment smart, hence the name.

Mike gives you straight talk about Wall Street and your investment opportunities.
It's your money, sometimes your life savings, so you should try to understand everything about the market.
And if you don't? Well, that's why it's a call-in show.

Investing isn't exactly a night at the Apollo, but our fan base of nearly 9 listeners seem to enjoy the show
and continue to talk about it when they meet up every Saturday at the local IHOP.
So won't you join us?.

We encourage you to call during the show if you have any questions.

We've also recently added a
RESOURCES page, where you can see some of the books Mike has used or
is still using for his practice.
Call us LIVE in the
Every Saturday
from 8am - 9am!
(509) 241 - 5900
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